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OOhh the middle top ring is so pretty! I want rings like that…


Happy easter.

Blaze it while they praise it.

He has resin.

He has resin indeed.

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Anonymous: Don't you think tattoos are sort of low class? and, how silly are you going to look when you are 60? 

This is the stupidest ask ive ever got. How is it low class? I get loads of compliments on them especially since ive gone to great artists instead of cheap shit ones just so I can fill my body up fast and cheap. They mean things to me as well. They don’t inhibit me. I have a good job and have managed to get every job I’ve been interviewed for with tattoos, I am also studying a hard science course, intelligent people can get tattoos too. If anything its taught me to feel comfortable in my skin. Like how could I ever dislike how I look when I have beautiful pieces of art on my body. And we are all going to be wrinklier and saggier but atleast I will have awesome artwork, souveniers and great memories on my body.


becoming older than 10 years old was the biggest mistake of my life

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Her nipplea are so beautiful I could cry