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realerecho: Omg you reblogged a gif from hyouka you awesome person you ..... No i totally agree on the race thing but sometimes it feels like races that aren't white a fetishised if that makes sense which is awful cause race should not matter 

yes exactly i know what you mean by that. I believe it is possible to find beauty in everyone. i think it’s the differences in people that make that make them beautiful

realerecho: Wait quick question you have a bf right ... I always find it odd when anons ask about interest in certain races lol 

yes i do have a boyfriend, it doesn’t really matter if people ask me if i’m attracted to a certain race, because someone’s race doesn’t determine whether I find someone attractive or not

Anonymous: Have you ever been interested in a black guy? 

black guys are hot

Anonymous: Do you mind me asking if you're straight? 

Not at all. i wouldnt say i was straight or bisexual, i just like who i like

Picture I took at Dewstow Gardens