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sanchezparadis: I love your art! Do you have instagram? :3 

Thank you so much :) yes i do its grrrace91

Anonymous: New butt pic? 

Not today

Anonymous: You don't know what I would give to spend a night with you! Are you overly sexy! *__* 

Thank you but unfortunately i’m not a prostitute

Picture of my new tattoo! not finished yet, still half the linework to go and the colour but it looks awesome already! Thanks @ren__artist ^_^
Anonymous: Your body should be declared illegal. You're fuckin' amazing my dear!! ♥_♥ instagram nick?? :) 

Thankyou sooo much :) my insta is grrrace91 xx

Tomorrow, i will no longer have a bare left arm. I have booked a gull day sitting to start my sleeve and it will be awesome! This is the first time i have been nervous for a tattoo since ive had so many, but the thought of sitting there for a whole day is so daunting! Wish me luck! ✌

Anonymous: Ever tried anal? If so turn on or off? 

Yes i have, depends what mood but mostly turn on